Tailored for the technology sector, Be Amorgos supports the management of contractual and commercial relationships.

Experience shows that suppliers, channel providers or customers in the provision and/or use of technology solutions desire efficient and effective:

  1. Contractual engagement for the supply or acquisition of technology solutions
  2. Revenue Growth either by direct sales or via alliance structures
  3. Internal processes for contractual market engagement
  4. Sustainable and aligned commercial relationships

These objectives generally involve greater risk when an organisation is moving from a domestic market to international markets.

What we do and Outcomes

Be Amorgos assists you in achieving these objectives:

1. Effective contractual engagements for the supply, acquisition and/or ongoing support for technology solutions:

Our first priority is to scope the context. This usually means understanding the technology solution and its architecture, solution delivery method, the resources and stakeholders, key commercial and financial objectives, project schedule, IP rights demarcation and whether involving on premise or cloud or hybrid deployment. Having done this,we deliver contractual output aligned to the technical and delivery requirements and that has balanced commercial understandings.

These include, as applicable:

  • Solution and services scope
  • Agreed technical requirements
  • Demarcated delivery responsibilities per phase
  • Development methodology (e.g. waterfall or agile or hybrid)
  • Project governance and escalation
  • Demarcated Supplier and user IP rights
  • Financial terms and resourcing obligations
  • Dependencies on, and management of, customer end user participants or subcontractors or alliance providers
  • Regulatory, industry, methodology or informational security (incl. personal data) compliance
  • Ongoing service levels (SLA or KPIs) and solution/service enhancement obligations

 2. Revenue Growth – either by direct sales or via alliance structures:

Alliance engagement is a key contributor to revenue and brand growth.
We support you in negotiating mutually beneficial and collaborative commercial and performance terms that underpin long term commercial objectives.

We will deliver alliance structures that set out clearly:

  • Mutual business objectives
  • IP rights demarcation
  • Financial and resourcing commitments
  • Market development obligations
  • Performance obligations and metrics
  • Built in flexibility for further alliance development


3. Internal processes for contractual market engagement:

For supplier – customer engagements, repeated inefficient approaches impact bid selection efficiency and success. Where supplier selection follows, this can lead to protracted negotiation.

We can create:

  • training content that promotes better understanding of commercial and contractual engagement
  • standardised responses and templates addressing commercial and technical content in relation to contractual processes (e.g. bid responses or contract templates)


4. Sustaining aligned commercial relationships:

Performance, financial and resourcing matters can lead to misunderstandings and escalating dispute or conflict.

We facilitate dialogue, issue demarcation and deliver negotiated work-arounds as an alternative to increasing costs, losses and a litigation path.

In addition we can, via appointment, undertake mediation services. The founder is a CEDR trained NZDRC/NZIAC panel mediator, who can mediate IT project or services disputes.

Services summary:

  • Risk analysis, strategy and shaping contractual solutions
  • Advanced contract negotiation and execution and related project management (incl. management of external legal advice)
  • Contractual engagement improvement
  • Sustained and aligned commercial relationships by facilitating negotiated contractual work-arounds, or, where a neutral appointment, IT project or services dispute mediation

Engagement categories include:

  • Bid support for solution implementation or outsourced services (local, regional, global)
  • Software development, implementation, integration and/or service provision (on premise a/o cloud); support and maintenance
  • Transformational consulting
  • Application or infrastructure outsourcing (on premise and/or cloud transformation)
  • Preferred supplier services frameworks
  • Strategic alliances/channel partner engagement incl. distribution, reselling, teaming, sub-contracting or other partnering (country, regional or global)
  • Support for investment or divestment, acquisition or mergers including due diligence or integration review, restructure and harmonization.