Conflict avoidance and continuance of commercial relationships through mediation

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Technology construction delivery and user models continue to rapidly evolve but supplier-customer engagements continue to be affected by performance, financial or resources misunderstandings and disagreement, any of which can lead to a contract dispute and escalating conflict. 

As an alternative to increasing costs, losses,personnel stress and morale impacts and  arbitration or litigation resolution paths, we can undertake a neutral role based Mediation process.

Gerard is a NZIAC panel mediator for IT software & services engagements.

Industry initiative

The success rate of IT project and services engagements remain mixed. The long established Standish Group in its Chaos report (2015 version) noted that over the last 20 years on average (50,000 IT projects surveyed):

  • 29% of projects “succeed” in delivering the desired functionality, on time and on budget;
  • 48% of projects are “challenged” and do not meet scope, time, or budget expectations; and
  • 23% of projects “fail” and are cancelled.

Gerard has, with NZIAC, undertaken a research initiative with global industry stakeholders to understand the causes of IT software project misalignment and contract disputes. From their Report, industry feedback and consultation, in 2020 they are now designing customised dispute resolution methods that enable executive and delivery leaders to resolve conflict in IT projects and reset relationships (- read more).