International Webinar – Moderation

In Q4 2022 in what was a highlight of my 4-year research and design initiative, I moderated an international webinar, hosted and streamed from the new NZIAC ADR centre in Auckland, New Zealand.
Its theme “Managing the Chaos and Conflict of Software Projects”.

It was my pleasure and privilege to be joined by:

  • Professor Hans Mulder, a leading domain expert on software project both from an engineering approach and dispute resolution and also the long standing research lead for the USA Standish Group Chaos Reports, from the Antwerp Management School, The Hague, Belgium
  • Richard Kemp, a long recognised leading global lawyer on the intersection of law and technology, from Kemp IT Law, based in London, England
  • Rebecca Dunn, one of Australia’s leading IP and IT litigation lawyers from law firm Gilbert & Tobin in Sydney

The webinar can be viewed here.

Author: Be Amorgos IT Contractual Services

A specialised advisory service for IT sector engagement

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